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En Vogue Property Management was established to provide a superior level of service to Landlords in the ACT that they had never seen before.

After years in the real estate industry we recognised that the biggest downfall of the property management industry is the high turnover of staff and lack of communication, which results in really important historical information being lost with each property manager that changes. Basically no matter how many photos and pages of writing you have, unless you have physically seen the property prior to the tenants moving in then it is very difficult to judge how it should be when they move out, and this is only one of the problems, there is also knowing the background of the property, prior maintenance issues, the owners preferences, and building that on-going working relationship with both landlords and tenants. You can’t do this if your property manager changes throughout tenancies.

We couldn’t understand how a landlord would meet a Business Development Manager, trust them and sign their property over, not even knowing who their actual property manager would be to start with. Then put their most valuable asset in the hands of a property manager/stranger who could change multiple times throughout the relationship and most of the time without the landlord even knowing. We found this mind boggling.

So we decided to set up a unique business model where we guaranteed that the Principal of the agency would be your property manager and change the face of Property Management for good! That was in 2001 and we havn’t looked back since..

Being awarded Allhomes Property Manager of the Year proves that our Business model is not only unique but successful for both Landlords and Tenants.


We are:

Different - to other Property Management Companies as our business model is unique, and a proven success. Paul is the Principal of the Agency and your Property Manager, and will be for the duration of our working relationship, we GUARANTEE it. We have an amazing and qualified team of professionals behind us, to ensure everything runs like clockwork behind the scenes, but your Property Manager is the Principal and as such has a vested interest in ensuring you and your tenant receive the service you deserve. We ensure our high level of service is maintained by restricting the number of properties we manage, this is our point of difference!
Approachable - We are here to help! No question is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on our personal service, and it is through this avenue that we gain most of our new business. You may not have heard of us through TV or Radio, but we have been operating a successful business through word-of-mouth referrals since 2001.
Convenient - With the latest Real Estate technology we are able to access information and produce reports at the touch of a button in relation to any aspect of a property or tenancy. Statements can be emailed or posted and funds direct deposited. We are available to meet with Landlords during the day or after hours if more convenient, and the phone is always switched "on" for both Landlords and Tenants. 


We offer:

Peace of Mind - That your property is being managed by Paul and the team who have maximising your investments potential firmly in their sights. Maximising potential involves not only achieving the highest rent possible but ensuring that all property maintenance is attended to quickly and cost effectively, selecting quality tenants and building a working relationship with them, being aware of the property movements for sales and rentals and where your property "fits" in the ever changing market place. The media tends to "hype" up real estate matters and can give false impressions of a properties real worth to stimulate activity, it is only through decades of actual market experience and careful management of a property that your returns are truly maximised. We offer our landlords the opportunity to view their property after each final inspection, not only for Peace of Mind, but to showcase just how well we manage it!

Personal Attention - We take the time to get to know our Landlords. We understand that landlords have different priorities with issues affecting their properties, tenant selection and their level of involvement in the management of the property, and that's where dealing with Paul and the team really gives us an advantage. For example if your garden is a priority for you then we can arrange a regular qualified horticulturalist to maintain it and keep you up to date via scheduled inspections with photos. If you simply want to sign up and forget about the property then we can handle all aspects of management and simply send your monthly statements, EFT your rental funds and send all necessary paperwork at tax time. Your priorities will become ours when dealing with all aspects of your property.

Protection - We screen our prospective tenants very carefully, we meet them all personally, another point of difference!  We thoroughly check through professional, rental and personal references and prior to every new tenant moving in we prepare a thorough written and photographic inventory.

We treat our existing tenants with respect and have found over the years that this reflects very positively in the way they maintain their property, report maintenance issues and pay their rent as well as the length of our tenancies. Our tenants never want to leave!

We use our excellent negotiation and communication skills to work through issues as they arise this results in positive outcomes for our landlords and tenants. We have NEVER had to evict a tenant or to claim rent arrears or compensation through ACAT, I challenge you to find another property manager who can claim this!

Great Service & Value For Money - We provide good “old fashioned” service, your phone calls will be returned, your emails will be replied to, and your expectations will be exceeded. At En Vogue Property Management there are no "hidden" costs. Our fees are competitive and reflect our commitment to providing you with the service you deserve. We are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive, but let’s face it in this day and age, you get what you pay for, and with such a large investment would you intrust it to anyone but the best?